About Us

If intuition is the voice of the soul, then creativity is that voice expressed.

Evangeline and Jo Anne each bring more than three decades of professional communications experience to Intuitive Leaps Creative Services. We became friends 22 years ago through the Speaking Circles International facilitator-training program, and our relationship deepened in improvisational personal storytelling circles. In 2005, we began our professional partnership with a comprehensive website re-design for a national non-profit organization. That’s when we discovered shared sensibilities, complementary talents and skills, a synergistic flow, and a passion for meaningful collaboration, powerful presence and authentic self-expression. 

Sarah joined us more recently and brings extensive graphic design and social media expertise, as well as experience as an Enneagram teacher to round out our team.

We all value the relationships we have built with our clients and work associates. Our extended support team includes a broad network of resources for search engine optimization and technical and database support.

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Evangeline Welch

My vision is to inspire others to nurture their creative spirits and to deepen their awareness of the power of intuition in their personal lives and work.

Evangeline hasn't received a "paycheck" or a "paid" vacation for more than 25 years. But she has happily worked from home as a self-employed communications consultant since April 1, 1988 - the day she launched her own business providing creative services, branding and strategic marketing for corporations, nonprofits and small businesses. (She figured at the time if her business wasn’t successful, she could tell everyone it was an April Fool’s joke.) During the previous 10 years, she worked as a newspaper reporter, the editor and art director of San Francisco Business magazine, and manager of communications for the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and other non-profit organizations. 

Her skills and expertise include creative direction and project management, writing, editing, art direction, graphic design and production, branding, corporate identity, marketing strategy, website development, events marketing, group facilitation, public speaking and storytelling. 

In 1997, Evangeline founded a transformational art process that evokes deep play called Paint Dancing™ (her own intuitive leap). She has presented numerous workshops on creativity, expressive arts and intuitive body wisdom, and was a facilitator for Inner Journey Seminars. She also traveled throughout North America on an “intuitive pilgrimage” interviewing people making a difference in the world for a collection of inspiring stories on intuition and the creative process.

Evangeline works online and in Shreveport, LA and the San Francisco Bay Area.


Jo Anne Smith

“I value intuition, collaboration, the power of story, and the creative potential of silence.”

Jo Anne founded Public Presence Consulting more than 30 years ago to help individuals and organizations expand their public presence in person, in print and online. A few years later, she partnered with Evangeline to enjoy the pleasure and practical benefits of working together. 

She brings extensive expertise and experience developing, designing and maintaining websites, and is a Squarespace Circle Member, a special designation for experienced designers in the Squarespace platform.

She freelanced for McGraw-Hill Publishing for many years, and now provides editing, book design and layout, website and content development services for individuals and organizations,

An accomplished speaker, storyteller and Certified Speaking Circle Facilitator, Jo Anne has led public speaking and personal storytelling workshops, and produced and directed storytelling showcases, seminars and other events. She spent five years as associate producer on award-winning educational videos and multimedia. Her projects included co-producing a documentary on the theme of women reclaiming their voices.

Her professional experience also includes serving as the executive director of Speaking Circles International, grief counselor, bereavement support group facilitator, suicide prevention hotline counselor, meditation teacher, and ordained minister. She leads mentoring groups through the Center for Soulful Living. 

Jo Anne works in the San Francisco Bay Area and the ethers of the Internet.


sarah duet

“I am an artist and communicator who is deeply interested in who we are, how we’re connected, and why it matters.”

Sarah has studied the Enneagram for more than 10 years and is currently a candidate for certification as a Teacher in the Narrative Tradition.

In addition to teaching Enneagram workshops and her work with individual clients, she is a graphic designer and singer-songwriter. She graduated from Centenary College of Louisiana in 2011 with a BA in Communications, focusing on New Media. You can learn more about her at sarahduet.com.

Sarah is based in the Shreveport, LA, area.