What clients are saying ...

Creative services

“Evangeline Welch and Jo Anne Smith have made an enormous contribution to our work and mission in the world through their creation of our website and brochures. With their excellence in branding and design, plus basic common sense about the marketplace, they have guided us into a new era of communications and outreach to our customers, students and affiliates in many countries. Their work is comprehensive, from great new ideas to the many details necessary in following through. I am grateful for the skills, the creativity and the responsibility that they bring to their work. And it is always a pleasure to talk with them. Their relational ability equals their technical ability. I recommend them very highly, but don’t take up all their time because we still need them on our team!”

Former Director
Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition

“Evangeline served as editor and art director of Cohousing Magazine (print and online) for three years, and project director for our major website redesign. Jo Anne was assistant editor and content manager and an integral part of the website redesign and launch. They worked with our national communications team to create a completely new, user-friendly navigation structure, dynamic, well-written content and compelling visual design. They were a pleasure to work with and superb as editors and designers. I would recommend them to anyone.”  (Note: website has since been changed)

Past Board President
Cohousing Association of the United States

“Your skills as a high-level writer, editor and designer are exceptional. During the 17 years that we've worked together on numerous high-tech marketing campaigns, you've proven time and time again the capacity to translate difficult concepts into a clear, concise message that speaks directly to the reader. I can always count on your focused attention to detail and clean, elegant design to support us in our business-to-business marketing. You also provide added value by recommending and overseeing more cost-efficient printing options to reduce costs and improve our bottom line. It's a joy and pleasure to work with you.”

Former Business Manager, U.S. National Security Team

“Thanks for your great work on www.davidroche.com! You captured the essence of my personality and what I offer. Having such a high quality website immediately added to my image, prestige, professional credibility and, of course, my engagements. I have heard nothing but positive comments. When people see my new site, they assume that my work on stage is as great as yours online. I especially appreciated your attention to detail. The copy was impeccably written, not even a typo, and the navigation worked perfectly.”

Inspirational humorist and keynote speaker

“Thanks to Jo Anne and Evangeline, I now have a beautiful brand identity, website and brochure that truly represent who I am. They walked me through a playful and productive process in which they helped me clarify my vision and the essence of what I offer. Then they created clear, vibrant and engaging marketing materials that give me the confidence to promote my work in the world. Anyone would be lucky to have their assistance, and I recommend STARTING there to avoid the frustration I experienced with far more expensive folk who over and over missed the mark in both content and helping me find MY voice.”

Therapist, life coach and chaplain

“A problem creative people often encounter is how to bring their vision to the wider world. In this light, Intuitive Leaps can be a godsend. One thing that makes working with Evangeline and Jo Anne so rewarding is that they are visionaries in their own right. They will 'get you' and then have wonderful ideas, technologies and dedication in the art of translating what you're about so that other people can 'get it' too. I received my first new client within 30 minutes of launching my new website. I feel grateful for their help, applaud their integrity and couldn't recommend them more highly."

Therapist, poet, writer 

“Working with Evangeline and Jo Anne is a pure joy. Creative design, clear communication and on-time project completion are hallmarks of the service they consistently deliver. I feel a great sense of pleasure every time I scan our website or send a brochure to a client.”

Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition

“Your creative touch makes our programs come alive with vibrant colors and engaging text. Now I look forward to our new materials and seeing our work take shape in lovely ways.” 

Author and teacher
Co-founder, Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition

“Evangeline and Jo Anne not only bring great talent, creativity and practicality, they also are dedicated, caring and responsive. What more could anyone ask for? It is a pleasure and honor to experience their energy, clarity and expertise. You will be in great hands working with them.”

Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Stanford Medical School
Co-founder, Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition

"I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you both for your creative genius and brilliant collaboration. You are both Stars! It's been high play and great fun!" (Note: website has since been changed)

Chair, Website Committee
International Expressive Arts Therapy Association

"I want to share what a deep pleasure and ease it has been working with Evangeline and Jo Anne. Everything they create is top-notch, professional and embodies the core values of IEATA." (Note: website has since been changed)

Board Member
International Expressive Arts Therapy Association

“Evangeline and Jo Anne have a gift for bringing out the creative process. The words and images that we collaborated on for my beautiful brochure and website brought me business precisely because they were in alignment with the true sense of meaning and value in my work. But more than that, Evangeline and Jo Anne helped me connect with an authentic place in my relationship to my work, so that marketing feels like a graceful offering rather than selling. We were sitting in a spacious, sunny room having tea. I was trying to work with the words I had written, an overly large rough draft of brochure copy. Old anxieties and pressure about presenting myself were coming up.  They engaged me on a different track. Their openness, curiosity and skillful questions drew me in, and soon I found myself remembering an experience I had with a client that deeply moved me.  Relating that experience led me to the key words that brought the brochure text alive.”

Somatic Therapist and founder

“The website you created for me is a perfect blend of visual and functional design. It reflects the qualities in my paintings, and the ease of navagating the galleries enhances the viewer's engagement with the work. Best of all, working with you on this virtual retrospective has given me a powerful sense of what I have accomplished over the years.”


“I was in need of a simple but powerful web page. This was my first venture into web page design and, not being a techie, I was intimidated at first. You figured out quickly what makes me tick and designed the perfect site the first time. You intuition and talent for distilling the essence of my message was amazing!”

Zoo and exotic animal consultant 

“You did a wonderful job creating a website that reflects the unique and playful character of my book. I appreciate the creative way you used Feathered Space drawings, and I enjoyed, and looked forward to, collaborating with you. The website fell into place smoothly and quickly. Thank you very much!”

Artist and author of Feathered Space

“Of all the freelancers who work on editing projects for me, you are my first choice. I know I can count on your expertise and professionalism, and depend on you to work on the most high profile materials. You are a pleasure to work with and are consistently praised by our authors and editors.”

Lead Supplement Producer
McGraw-Hill Higher Education Publishing Company

“Thank you for your miraculous editing. You helped give my story a clear crisp read while maintaining my own voice. I appreciate your tender touch and hope we have an opportunity to work together again!”   

Author and acupuncturist 

“In every aspect of the production, your creative brilliance, gentle direction, and warm support helped make our first CD better than I had dreamed it could be.”

Bodyworker, nutritional educator and speaker 

“Having you at the helm as event manager gives me a feeling as a performer of great security, as I know you will always be on top of everything and see to it that all is taken care of. That is immensely valuable, and I wanted you to know that I recognize and appreciate that greatly. Thanks again on all fronts!”


Group facilitation

 “Your workshop is the richest, most stimulating, most revelatory experience I've ever had – bar none!”

Storyteller, Librarian

“I've yet to meet anyone as caring and as intuitive. Not only do you quickly absorb and understand others' needs, you have a lovely way of going beyond what's simply on the surface, digging deeper to identify the root of the problem, and then carefully – and care-fully – helping the individual see how to solve it. With your guidance, anyone can reach the next level.”

CEO, iList Media LLC

“You gently invite the creative fire to ignite in each person with joy and depth. You orchestrate a process that has us share what so rarely finds expression – in vivid color, form and movement. Something new and surprising always energizes and delights me.”

Executive Coach and Change Consultant
Founder, Bridging Lives

“I'm a beginning storyteller, but you provide a cushion of wisdom and compassion that allows anyone's creative genius to peer through the curtains of fear.”

Vice President
EWS, Inc. 

“Your workshop enlightens on many levels: Watching other storytellers, giving audience reactions, listening to others, discovering your own potential, and finding unplanned but appropriate things coming out of your mouth. And finally, the ultimate: watching the video of your own performance, seeing yourself, as Burns puts it, ‘as others see you.’ Well worthwhile!”

Editor of StoryLine  
Storytelling Association of Alta California (SAAC)

“Your class has done wonders for me. I'm really happy that I've been able to grow as a speaker under your tender care. Thanks for all your expertise, support and kind coaching during these important months for me.”

Author of The Blood of Flowers

“An experiential class not to be missed! You create a truly supportive environment with emphasis on positive feedback while providing students with opportunities to hone skills in storytelling that they never knew they had. I found the class exhilarating and confidence-boosting.”  

from class at San Francisco State University

“I would like to express how inspired I was by your smooth-as-butter warm presence and your keen ability to softly hold the many varied energies that were swirling around us. Your essential listening was obviously very fine-tuned.”

Speaking Circle Facilitator

“I count on your coaching to help move my work forward. You see into the heart of a story and know how to bring out the best in me.”

Humorist, Keynote Speaker, 
Author of The Church of 80% Sincerity